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India..... Take 2

Lets try this again...

After a fantastic three weeks in the States being completely spoilt and an epic 38 hour journey I finally reached Pushkar, the magical place I started my Indian adventure 18 months ago - the adventure which didn't QUITE go to plan.

I met Lauren at Delhi airport where we were picked up by a driver with a VERY impressive head wobble and a surprisingly sturdy car for our drive to Pushkar. We were exhausted but still able to get quite excited about seeing cows wandering across the roads, the decorated trucks totally ignoring their road lanes, and seeing about thirty people crammed into each vehicle. 

While being here we have done our cultural duties taking Puja at the holy lake (although maybe slightly hypocritical praying to a god I don't actually believe in?) cleansing our hearts and souls and visiting temples; our tourist duties walking around with bindis and lots of clashing prints and colours (maybe more me than Lauren); and our good karmic duties by spending the day at TOLFA, the animal hospital I volunteered at last year.

I've drunk copious amounts of chai, eaten too many banana pancakes, and had amazing thali and cashew curry - but this is a holiday and if I can't pig out here when can I?

Pushkar is as wonderful as ever with cows, goats, dogs, sahdus (holy men), children, crazy motorcyclists and women balancing the weight equivalent of me on their heads at every turn. 

It's a place you constantly see colour, life, smiles and hear the call of namaste. The sounds never cease, the smell of incense never fades. It's a pulsing holy town living to the beat of drums and chants. It will always be my first impression on India and maybe it's a bit touristy in a sense but I love it.

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'one way ticket? to india? alone? you're brave!'

Yes, a one way ticket, to India, alone. Brave according to most people, slightly stupid to myself. BUT, a trip that must be taken.

I've decided to attempt to blog my journey (though to be honest I don't know how long I'll stick at it, but I'll try) so that I don't have to send emails from everywhere and people can just stop by when they like to see where I am and what's going on.

In three weeks time things will get exciting, but for now, let the countdown begin... xx

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